While many of us are used to calling or texting when we need to talk and therefore could get the response we are searching for right away. There is just something healing about being able to write down how you are feeling.

Now imagine how great it would feel to have a FRIEND, GOOD FRIEND OR BEST FRIEND to write to??


Each have their own description below, buut I'll explain it here as well. 

  • FRIENDS is the FREE subscription, yes, free as in Free. lol With this subscription I will give you my address and if there's ever a time you feel you want someone to write to that will read your letter, I will be there. There's nothing like having a listening ear when they only thing you want to do is express yourself. 

The next two, GOOD FRIENDS & BEST FRIENDS are paid subscriptions

Of course, you can still write to me about whatever is on your mind however with these subscriptions there is a guarantee that I will write back to you.

  • For GOOD FRIENDS, which is $5.00 / month I will write to you at least twice in a month.
  • For BEST FRIENDS, which is $20.00 / month It's basically a back and forth conversation. I write to you, you write to me i write back to you and so forth. You will not have to worry about when I will write you back because as soon as I receive a letter from you I will make sure to write you back as soon as possible.  However along with writing to you, you will also receive fun gifts which could include things I like - my favorite products ( which may not necessarily be from my shop ) I do a lot of handmade crafts, so perhaps a friendship bracelet. In any case, I love to give gifts, like if that could be a hobby, that would be so me but anyways as my Best Friend you will definitely be receiving something nice as well. 

This is me basically shooting my shot,

Debby Ryan responds to memes about her acting skills - When In Manila

so the ball is in your court!


Goo ahead, Let's be friends. I can't wait to hear from you!


take care for now. xx

Kaitlyn | Touch of Kaitlyn LLC



If you have any questions be sure to send me an email, contact@touchofkaitlyn.com or fill out my contact sheet and I'll be sure to answer them.

- but after that. letters only. k?